Today is not my day ,unfortunately  I got my first traffic infringement notice in New Zealand .

Wow ,it's a big surprise , I never think I will receipt it coz my driving speed is always slowly ,

The offence is "PARKED A VEHICLE IN EXCUSS OF A TIME LIMIT" , oh  I didn't pay attention about it , I parked in the "P 120 "area , that means we couldn't park more than 120 min .

I found NZ policeman will do their job well

It's just a very small notice but the offence fee is NZD 12 , I should pay it within 28 days ,

There is a special service , if we paid within 7 days , we will get NZD 2 discount ,

of course , we will pay it immiddently .....but I still feel so badly .my money will be gone .

Usually , I and Eiling get used to  walk to school , it will take around 40~45 min .

However it was very cold this morning , we wanted to sleep more .

So we decided driving to school at that moment , maybe it is the punishment for our lazy .

But I don't think we will improve the lazy habit in a short time .

So finding a free parking space which near to school is the most important subject now .


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